Preliminary Inquiry into Personal Knowledge Management

Personal Knowledge Management is a necessary component to yet another of our list of must-haves in this digital age. My first exposure was during the first session of my doctoral class, entitled, Technology in a Systems Approach to Leadership. Harold Jarche is accorded the title of PKM guru in my naiveté.

Jane Hart is a second influence during my search, especially with her much-awaited publication of the 2014 Top 100 Learning Tools. Jarche has his own list as well. Thirdly, the co-founder of WordPress, Matt Mullenweg, proves to be a charismatic speaker in his State of the Word 2013 talk, as well as his own not WordPress site. The latter inspired me to use another WordPress site to share my right-brain activity, painting and photography.

I am somewhat challenged by the blog format, but I am over the fear of the unknown. I embrace technology and welcome the journey that has been initiated by this course. I have been obsessing over the graphic for seek-search-share, as evidenced by the header of this site.


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