Looking for Dynamic PKM

Since I am a newbie at this, it would be presumptuous to call PKM Personal Knowledge Mastery. At this stage, I am on a quest and would be satisfied with Personal Knowledge Management.

In designing the graphic for my personal knowledge management (PKM), I draw on my interest in the eye as the window to the soul. Moreover, the eye is unique in that each person’s iris is a barcode of sorts, similar to a person’s fingerprint. Just as light is captured by the eye, the search for knowledge and enrichment is highly visual. In skimming through the panoply of online resources, I decided to focus on a select few.

This is my initial graphic:

lavadia pkm

In researching methods of sharing, I drew upon Jarche’s Working Out Loud. Valued networking includes sense-making and knowledge sharing as critical skills. “ The most effective learning… will be when engaged individuals regularly share their knowledge” (2014).


I also draw on Bedford’s reference to Andriessen’s model of human capital, structural capital, and relational capital for the current PKM graphic that will guide me to my online identity. My PKM strategy will be goal-oriented and opportunity-driven, as I search for an online community and niche.



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